Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bad Mommy!

It's been too long since I have posted, and Scarlette has made such great strides I thought I would share! Scarlette and I went to California at the end of March to visit with family, and she decided she no longer wanted her NG tube-she pulled it out as we were driving and as I attempted to reinsert it (as I have many times!) she fought me so hard that I decided to just leave it out. She had been eating almost exclusively by mouth for a week prior and it was almost like she was telling me: "No, mom, I am done with that!" She did great on our trip and had lots of fun, though she isn't going back to Disney land until she is at least 3!!!!

We came home and Mitch couldn't believe how much hair Scarlette had gotten! And he was in awe of all the new noises she started making while we were gone. It really puts into perspective how long 10 days is when you are only 6 months old!

We then celebrated Scarlette's first easter by doing-NOTHING! She was exceptionally fussy so our church trip was cancelled, and she wore her beautiful easter dress for approximately 10 minutes, just long enough to take pictures in it.
On April 9, she turned 7 months old!

We visited high risk clinic, and they expressed some concerns at Scarlette not being able to hold up her head during tummy time and assisted sitting. We have been in contact with DC's Early intervention program and they have recommended Scarlette be seen by PT/OT/Speech in-home once weekly. This will be a great burden off of me because they come to me, and they will teach us valuable exercises for Scarlette to get stronger and grow. She has also been seeing a physical therapist at Bethesda NNMC once weekly until EI is set up, and while she hates physical therapy, she has actually been making great strides and can hold her head up while propped on her forearms for almost a minute! I am also learning the art of infant massage, which helps to calm her down.

Scarlette also finally smiles on command, and smiles when you smile at her. It's the cutest thing I have ever seen, she smiles when she eats, when she wants attention-you name it, she is smiling! She also giggles now, but is kind of caught off guard by it so it's usually a one time thing.

We found out a while back that we qualify for some in-home respite care and have finally started to get that underway. We start interviewing providers next week and once we get connected with someone that we like we will get up to 40 hours monthly. This will enable me to work at home, uninterrupted, and for Mitch and I to get a little break now and then to go out on dates!

Scarlette started eating solids this week, and is really taking to it! She gets 5-10 bites of carrots a night, and then next week we get to start sweet potatoes.

Right now, her most concerning issue is that she has yet to gain weight, even though she is getting so much food! We are working on this, but it's a slow process.
The most amazing news of all is that Scarlette started eating all by mouth and her surgeon decided that she did not need to get the g-tube. We were praying for this outcome so fervently, and God really answered our prayers by not having Scarlette undergo another surgery!
I promise next time this won't be so long and won't be 3 months worth of info!

Scarlette and Nicole