Saturday, August 18, 2012

A year ago today....

Was Scarlette's heart surgery!!!! Can you believe it?! It's already been a year! I seriously cannot believe that it's already the anniversary of our little bean's heart surgery AND that she's going to be 3 in less than a month! Just amazing! The day before Scarlette's surgery she weighed in at 17 lbs 1 oz. Today I'm happy to report that she weighs 26 lbs 9 oz! That's incredible! An almost 10 lb gain in a year! She can now sit on the floor unassisted for up to two hours! She can bear weight through her feet when holding her arms/hands, and she can push up onto her hands when in tummy time. I can adjust her into hands and knees position but we still need a lot of assistance for that one. I'm just so amazed at God's goodness and glory. And BEAMING with pride at how far my sweet little SJ has come!

Here's a picture of Scarlette's heart surgery scar today, 1 year post-op! Here's a link to her scar two weeks post-op:

It's absolutely amazing to me that this tiny thin white line is the only evidence that my baby's heart was temporarily stopped and repaired. There are some truly gifted, talented and amazing people out there and I thank God that we were able to witness first hand how He takes care of His own.

We are going to celebrate Scarlette's heart-aversary today by doing a little early birthday shopping at Target, TRU and Crazy 8 and then we get to go to her therapy company's annual family fiesta and socialize with other super special kids and families!

I am SO amazed at how far my princess has come and at the same time how far she still has to go. Please pray with me that she continues to get stronger and that one day soon she will be able to walk and maybe even talk or communicate with us. Thank you Lord for giving me such a strong, and sweet precious little soul to guide through this life. I hope we are making You proud!

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