Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I just can't believe it!

Tomorrow my baby girl is going to be six months old! SIX MONTHS! I feel like we JUST brought her home! Where did my tiny newborn go? Where did this big roly poly ball of love come from!??!

Here are some stats on my mini-me:

Weight: 17 lbs 14.5 oz
Height: 27"
Hair: getting longer! still very light blonde
Eyes: Still very blue but getting lighter in the middle and she has hyper-pigmented sectorials just like her big sister and in the exact same spot!
Clothes: she can no longer fit in any 3-6 months, her 6-9 are short and she mainly wears 6-12 months which fit her great. I'm hoping she stays in this size for at least the next 4 months!
Sleep schedule: usually she takes 2-3 naps a day (shorter than I would like!), goes to bed at 8 and gets up at midnight, 4, and 7 to nurse. She is still sleeping in a pack and play in our room because the girls wake each other up. Our current plan is to move her into her crib but keep her in our room until Savannah is sleeping through the night more consistently. Not ideal but it's what's best for both of us currently
Teeth: her very first tooth is popping up but not broken through yet! it's her left bottom front tooth. It's very hard to see b/c if you stick ANYTHING in her mouth her tongue is everywhere trying to eat! I can't wait to get a picture!


Savvy can now sit up on her own very well. She does occasionally topple but she's very good about putting her hands out to catch herself or falling slowly so as not to hurt herself.

She is a giggle monster! She laughs constantly and has a very deep throaty laugh.

Savvy now says mama, baba, dada, lala and any other ah sound you can think of. She LOVES to talk and babble and is very good at mimicking those around her.

Savannah wears her emotions on her sleeve. When she's excited she either shrieks or literally vibrates. She just can't contain her enthusiasm. And when she's upset, she wails! She pretty much ONLY cries for two things: when she wants to eat and when she's tired.

Anything you give her she is interested in. She wants anything you have and will grab for it at will. She also loves to grab and feel faces. I just love when she puts her little hand on my cheek!

The most exciting thing this month besides hearing mama, was that we started solid foods! She is a champion eater, which we expected based on her nursing skills. She has had sweet potatoes, peas and apples. Sweet potatoes seem to be her favorite so far, and we can barely get the spoon to her mouth before she is grunting and shrieking she is so excited. She tries to grab the spoon and loves to chew on it as well. It is so exciting to see her little personality emerge!

We have been working more on tummy time since that seems to be Sav's least favorite activity. She still does not roll over at will, although I do believe she can as I have seen her do it a couple times. This month our goal is to spend more time on the floor playing instead of in her bumbo or jumperoo.

Savannah is such a sweet, happy, CHUNKY, doll baby and I can't possibly imagine life without her!