Saturday, December 15, 2012

Just a little update on the girls....

Scarlette is now 3 1/4 years old holy moly! I just can't even believe it! In the last six months or so my baby has made HUGE strides in her gross motor development. She can now sit unassisted for hours at a time, she still topples over but it's become more controlled, and although she doesn't bear weight through her arm she does put it down as if to support her weight when she's about to fall. She has been standing at our coffee table for a little over a month now, she needs supervision for this at ALL times because she WILL fall when she loses her balance. We are working on teaching her how to bend her knees when she wants to get down, as for the most part she will keep them locked if unguided. She can stand for a few minutes at a time and very much seems to enjoy it! We have also been helping get her into a hands and knees position, and unbelievably just in the last week she has become strong enough to maintain this position on her own for a few seconds!!! She isn't yet strong enough to hold her head up in this position, but we are going to keep practicing! Pray for my sweet one! Pray that she gets stronger and stronger every day, and with practice and help we can get her walking soon!

My Savvy turned 13 months a week ago, and that was almost as hard as when she turned one. Her capabilities are fascinating, I keep thinking: "She's SO smart" but I know every parent thinks that! Savvy learned a few new "tricks" since she turned one. She has learned how to blow kisses, say: "woof woof", "woah", "co-co", "num-num (nurse-nurse)" and "uh-oh". She has learned the signs for more and milk and will now sign all done, more and milk unprompted as a means of communication! She understands what they mean! She has started standing on her own, and loves walking holding our hands or her push toy, but still does not want to take any steps on her own. She is so good about playing with her toys and she LOVES to share. She will give you anything and everything she has just because she wants to give it to you. The only thing she won't give away willingly is her binky, unless you tell her it's time to "nurse-nurse" then she will take it out of her mouth and try to put it in whoever's mouth is closest to her for safe keeping. She has cut another tooth, making her total 9 teeth, and she weighs 20 lbs 13 oz at her last appt.


Friday, November 16, 2012

My baby is ONE!!!!

Wow, even a week later, and I still can't believe it! How did she turn into a big girl? How is my little tiny baby one?! I remember bringing her home from the hospital like it was YESTERDAY. I remember how sweetly little she was, and how I would just hold her for hours because I knew how fast it was going to go, and yet I'm still not ready. She's SO big. And so smart! I know every momma says that, but Lord, she is SO smart! Some of our milestones.....

Savannah has 8 teeth, is 20 lbs 9 oz and 29 1/4" long (at birth she was 8 lbs 3 oz and 19 3/4" long :0) )

She knows how to sign "all done" and "more", give high fives, give kisses, give hugs, and waves "bye-bye" and claps when we say "yay!!". We are working on the sign for milk now.

She crawls EVERYWHERE and LOVES to push around her ride on toy!!!

She sings, talks, babbles CONSTANTLY, but her only real words are mama and dada.

She drinks all her water from a straw sippy cup, and we are working on giving her breastmilk from a sippy as well.

She LOVES people food. Her favorites are: corn, tomatoes, bananas, cheese and chicken.

Bath time is her absolute favorite! Lately she's actually been "swimming" in the tub and loves it! If we would let her she would stay in the tub for hours!

A lot of people have asked me how long I plan to nurse Savannah. I plan to let her wean herself. We are working on milk from her straw sippy during the day and nursing only at night. We are also working on sleeping through the night, and I'll be the very first to admit that this is her biggest issue. Savvy still gets up multiple times a night to nurse and it's wearing me down! We are going to have to be firm with her because she's so smart and knows how to get her way, but she's my baby and I'm not ready to subject her to that yet.

Savannah is funny, and loving, but sassy and spunky as well! I love my silly little peanut!

Friday, September 7, 2012


I am NOT blog-savvy, so I don't know how to post a link on the side of the page to Scarlette's background of medical conditions, so I thought this would be a good refresher post!

Today I found out how many people care about our little girl. SO many of you saw the need for Scarlette to get her very own ZipZac and immediately started PM'ing me ideas on how to achieve this goal. We now have our very own fundraiser set up for her thanks to the amazingly kind Andrea Tansil, and in a few hours have already raised over $300!!! we are a 1/4 of the way there! AMAZING! If we go above and beyond the goal of $1200, I would very much like to purchase another ZipZac for Scarlette's dear little friend Sammy who just started school on Tuesday and would benefit as much as Scarlette from this chair! I am truly so grateful, as is the rest of my family for your kind generosity and sacrifice for our little girl. She's a princess and she deserves her throne! Thank you again Andrea for feeling led to do this for our family, you will never know how much it has touched us.

Here's the link if you feel led to donate, even $1 will get us one step closer:

Saturday, August 18, 2012

A year ago today....

Was Scarlette's heart surgery!!!! Can you believe it?! It's already been a year! I seriously cannot believe that it's already the anniversary of our little bean's heart surgery AND that she's going to be 3 in less than a month! Just amazing! The day before Scarlette's surgery she weighed in at 17 lbs 1 oz. Today I'm happy to report that she weighs 26 lbs 9 oz! That's incredible! An almost 10 lb gain in a year! She can now sit on the floor unassisted for up to two hours! She can bear weight through her feet when holding her arms/hands, and she can push up onto her hands when in tummy time. I can adjust her into hands and knees position but we still need a lot of assistance for that one. I'm just so amazed at God's goodness and glory. And BEAMING with pride at how far my sweet little SJ has come!

Here's a picture of Scarlette's heart surgery scar today, 1 year post-op! Here's a link to her scar two weeks post-op:

It's absolutely amazing to me that this tiny thin white line is the only evidence that my baby's heart was temporarily stopped and repaired. There are some truly gifted, talented and amazing people out there and I thank God that we were able to witness first hand how He takes care of His own.

We are going to celebrate Scarlette's heart-aversary today by doing a little early birthday shopping at Target, TRU and Crazy 8 and then we get to go to her therapy company's annual family fiesta and socialize with other super special kids and families!

I am SO amazed at how far my princess has come and at the same time how far she still has to go. Please pray with me that she continues to get stronger and that one day soon she will be able to walk and maybe even talk or communicate with us. Thank you Lord for giving me such a strong, and sweet precious little soul to guide through this life. I hope we are making You proud!

the Skrove's

Monday, June 18, 2012

7 months old...really?

Where did my little baby go? Where is she?!?! I know she was here just a little bit of time ago......babies grow up way too fast! Savannah is already 7 months old! She's huge! And she's acting more and more like a baby and less and less like an infant!

Weight: 18 lbs 14.5 oz
Height: not sure
Clothes: Still fits in 6-12 well, but she can wear some of her sister's 12-18 month rompers!!!! 3-6 is out of the question!!!!
Sleep: She seems to be getting a little bit better at sleeping. We put her down at 8, she's up to eat between 11 and 12, and then again around 4. This morning she slept in until 9. Oh it was wonderful!!!!
Teeth: still just the one, but I have a feeling that's going to change VERY soon!
Mobility: Savvy is moving!!!! She scoots backwards and she can rotate herself 360 degrees! Her new thing is when she wakes up in the morning she rolls onto her tummy and then proceeds to cry because she is stuck and doesn't know how she got there!!!
Food: Savvy is getting food every day! We have been working on oatmeal and baby food, and yesterday she even got a little bit of mashed potatoes!

Savvy LOVES the water. She has been to the pool a few times and we just got her a blow up pool for the house. I hope her big sister learns to love the water as much as she does, because both Mitch and I want to spend lots of time at the pool this summer! She also loves her bath time and splashes incessantly while in there! She sits very well, and rarely topples, although she hasn't learned how to get herself INTO sitting yet!

My BIG girl Scarlette is going to be 3 years old in 3 months. Now THAT is absolutely crazy! She is doing amazingly well and seems to be progressing at a much more rapid pace recently. We practice in her stander every other day, and she tolerates it and her braces well. She is getting baby food twice a day and usually averages about 6-8 spoonfuls per feeding. The trick is, we have to have the tv on. The distraction helps her eat. We don't understand why, but we don't care! Whatever makes her eat we will do! We have also been practicing sitting and standing unassisted daily. She can sometimes sit for up to 30 minutes before toppling. Unfortunately she does not know how to right herself or get herself back into sitting, so we need to make sure the area is well padded. Scarlette now weighs 23 lbs 14.5 oz and we are so excited! I can't wait until she hits 25 lbs. At one year old she was just 11 lbs, so she has come so far, and it's amazing to witness. There have been a few issues with her tubes, and it's looking like she may need them replaced, as well as a tonsillectomy for her breathing issues. Now that she weighs so much more than she did last October (19 lbs, what her sister weighs at 7 months lol!) I think the doctor will be more keen on removing her tonsils.

Here's a picture of the girls from Father's Day yesterday! Everyone had lots of fun!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I just can't believe it!

Tomorrow my baby girl is going to be six months old! SIX MONTHS! I feel like we JUST brought her home! Where did my tiny newborn go? Where did this big roly poly ball of love come from!??!

Here are some stats on my mini-me:

Weight: 17 lbs 14.5 oz
Height: 27"
Hair: getting longer! still very light blonde
Eyes: Still very blue but getting lighter in the middle and she has hyper-pigmented sectorials just like her big sister and in the exact same spot!
Clothes: she can no longer fit in any 3-6 months, her 6-9 are short and she mainly wears 6-12 months which fit her great. I'm hoping she stays in this size for at least the next 4 months!
Sleep schedule: usually she takes 2-3 naps a day (shorter than I would like!), goes to bed at 8 and gets up at midnight, 4, and 7 to nurse. She is still sleeping in a pack and play in our room because the girls wake each other up. Our current plan is to move her into her crib but keep her in our room until Savannah is sleeping through the night more consistently. Not ideal but it's what's best for both of us currently
Teeth: her very first tooth is popping up but not broken through yet! it's her left bottom front tooth. It's very hard to see b/c if you stick ANYTHING in her mouth her tongue is everywhere trying to eat! I can't wait to get a picture!


Savvy can now sit up on her own very well. She does occasionally topple but she's very good about putting her hands out to catch herself or falling slowly so as not to hurt herself.

She is a giggle monster! She laughs constantly and has a very deep throaty laugh.

Savvy now says mama, baba, dada, lala and any other ah sound you can think of. She LOVES to talk and babble and is very good at mimicking those around her.

Savannah wears her emotions on her sleeve. When she's excited she either shrieks or literally vibrates. She just can't contain her enthusiasm. And when she's upset, she wails! She pretty much ONLY cries for two things: when she wants to eat and when she's tired.

Anything you give her she is interested in. She wants anything you have and will grab for it at will. She also loves to grab and feel faces. I just love when she puts her little hand on my cheek!

The most exciting thing this month besides hearing mama, was that we started solid foods! She is a champion eater, which we expected based on her nursing skills. She has had sweet potatoes, peas and apples. Sweet potatoes seem to be her favorite so far, and we can barely get the spoon to her mouth before she is grunting and shrieking she is so excited. She tries to grab the spoon and loves to chew on it as well. It is so exciting to see her little personality emerge!

We have been working more on tummy time since that seems to be Sav's least favorite activity. She still does not roll over at will, although I do believe she can as I have seen her do it a couple times. This month our goal is to spend more time on the floor playing instead of in her bumbo or jumperoo.

Savannah is such a sweet, happy, CHUNKY, doll baby and I can't possibly imagine life without her!

Monday, April 2, 2012

California Dreamin'

We went home for my sisters wedding the last week of March. The second we got on the 405 freeway (after a pit stop at In n Out of course) I turned to my husband and said: "this will always be home. It doesn't matter where we live, where we go, but the second I come back here, I'm home." This started a very emotional rollercoaster of a vacation. In the back of my mind, I knew we would be leaving in just a week. Mitch is up for orders this year, we actually start putting in requests in a week. He has made it very clear that it would be next to impossible to get California orders due to Navy budget cuts. But that's where my family is, that's where my home is, that's where my heart is. Coming back to DC was really hard. I knew I would be back very soon for my cousin's wedding, which made it easier, but I just felt like I didn't "get my fill." There is a SLIGHT chance we could get orders to San Diego. I wish I could earn it, fight for it, MAKE it happen. But in this instance, I have to just pray that God wants us in San Diego and will open doors for us. You know that saying, "let go and let God"? Well in this case I don't really have a choice. There is absolutely NOTHING, not ONE thing that I can do to get us to San Diego. So this is a great lesson in putting my faith in His plan for me. I also know that I need to be content wherever we end up, because that's where He wants my family, and ultimately for whatever reason will be better for my family. I WILL be content wherever He moves us, but pray with me that God wants us back in San Diego, because that's where I want to be!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Awesome news!

We got some amazing news last week! It started on Thursday when we found out that Mitch is board-eligible, which means that he passed his test with a high enough score to be able to submit his package to the chief's board. If he is selected, he will be able to pin on chief at the end of September. We are so excited! I'm incredibly proud of him, and he so deserves this! He studied almost every day from August until January for the E-7 ranking test, so I'm not surprised he passed with flying colors. I really hope the chief's board sees what I see in him and they select him. He is already doing the work and responsibilities of a chief so we are really hoping he gets selected.

Then on Friday we found out that he is eligible for re-enlistment! This may sound funny to some of you, as it used to be that the military not only encouraged you to re-enlist but also gave you a compensation package for doing so. With the job instability in the civilian sector, people are not getting out of the military as often as they used to. This makes for impacted sections of the Navy. There are certain rates that people are actually being forced out of the military and given a severance package. They are essentially not allowed to re-enlist. Mitch's rate (electronic technician) is severely impacted. Unfortunately the program, called PTS, was not based on merit, but simply if you were up for re-enlistment last year, this year, or next year. Mitch's name had been on the list since last year, and every month his re-enlistment was denied. We had been praying fervently that God would make it clear to us which direction He wanted us to go (military or civilian) with this PTS decision. When Mitch got the email on Friday night we were both so elated! After getting the news that he was selected to go to the board, we both felt like the Lord wanted him to stay in the military, and this only confirmed it. He will be re-enlisting next month for six more years! We are so excited to be confident that we are going in God's direction.

Now on to picking orders! (stay tuned)


Monday, March 12, 2012

Why am I the WORST blogger in the world?

Let's just say it's because I'm ridiculously busy...that sounds better than because I'm lazy or too tired to write once the girls are asleep.

SO much life has happened since I last wrote, it feels like an insurmountable amount to try and catch up on! So instead, I will just highlight the current goings-on of the Skrove household.

On Friday, Savannah turned 4 months! Sometimes I can't believe she's already 4 months, and other times I can't believe she's ONLY 4 months old. She's approximately 15 pounds now, and I haven't measured her height recently but I'm betting she's pretty darn close to 26". That's right, my little girl is TALL for her age (I have no idea where she got that from). She has rolled over from belly to back and back to belly but won't do it consistently yet. She bears weight on her elbows and occasionally even on her hands when she is in tummy time position. She smiles, giggles, belly laughs and talks CONSTANTLY! Whenever we put her in a bouncy chair she instantly tries to sit up, but she's not strong enough yet. I think it will happen this month though! She still has very little hair, and like her big sister, she has eczema :0( Luckily we have been down this road before and are very good at taking the necessary steps to maintain her skin and eradicate most of the rash.

Scarlette turned 2 1/2 on Friday as well! She battled a pretty severe virus for about half of February, and only started getting better last week. Her little body handles colds and sickness very differently from ours, so she was not able to fight the virus off as quickly as we were. Now that she's feeling better she's pretty much back to her old self. She has been getting herself into tummy time while playing on the floor, which we are very excited about because she previously refused to stay in that position. We had a meeting today with the medical supply company representative and had Scarlette fitted for a therapeutic stroller, a stander and a bath chair. It's a little daunting and sad to know that she needs these things, but we are certain that she needs them and they will help her tremendously in strengthening her core and legs. We also feel very blessed that our insurance provides these things for us with little fight, that is not the case for many families who need this type of equipment.

There are a lot of changes occurring with Mitch and his career path, I don't quite know where to begin! We SHOULD find out this week whether or not he is board-eligible, that is, if he passed the E-7 exam with a high enough score his evaluation package will be submitted to a board of chiefs that will then determine whether or not he will be promoted. We also should find out this month or early next month whether or not the Navy will let him re-enlist. We want to re-enlist, but the Navy is trying to oust some of the impacted rates to make room for new, lower ranking sailors in other rates. It's not fair, but there's nothing we can do except pray that Mitch will be allowed to stay in. This month there are quite a few spots available for ET1's, so we are praying that this is his month! IF he does get one of the spots, then next month we will start to put in for orders to our next duty station. We are due to move from here next January. So far, the detailer will only talk to Mitch about moving to Virginia, so we are looking at Portsmouth/Virginia Beach area. However, there are a couple "hot-fill" billets in San Diego. Those are spots that for whatever reason they want people right away, and if we are willing to take those orders they may be willing to move us back to California! We are just praying that the Lord provides us with the wisdom to know where He wants us to go, and that wherever we end up is best for Scarlette and Savannah.

I have been pretty busy as well! Aside from the usual taxiing to and from the hospital and various appointments, I have taken up bow-making as a hobby. I have absolutely fallen in love with it and am having so much fun! This week I plan to start making some tutus for the girls and blinging out (putting rhinestones on) some pacifiers. I love crafting and it's a great way to help me unwind and destress. I also have been doing Zumba, an exercise dance class 3-4x a week. It's SO much fun and it's helping me lose weight at a steady, healthy pace. I'm totally and completely addicted to Zumba, and what makes it even more fun is my friends and I go together.

Probably the most exciting news I get to write down here, is that we will be in California in just ONE week! My little sister, Casey, is getting married! That makes me feel OLD! But we fly in Wednesday, the wedding is Friday and then we get to go to Disneyland on Saturday. We are so excited to see our family! This will be the first time that many of them will be meeting Savannah! And I know the wedding will be amazing. That reminds me, I better start working on my toast...On my list of things to do while I'm in California is: eat at In n Out, Del Taco, La Cocina, and Wolf Creek (all places that are NOT here). I hope there will be enough time to walk around the mall and maybe hit up some thrift stores while I'm there (the shopping in Cali is very different from here), and I absolutely cannot WAIT to go to Disneyland, EEEK I'm getting butterflies just thinking about it! My dad and stepmom are going to watch the girls for us so Mitch and I get an entire day to just spend with each other and have fun!

Well, that's the last 3 months in a nutshell! Hopefully I will be writing very soon!


Monday, January 16, 2012

In just 5 short months.....

On January 18 it will be 5 months ago that Scarlette had her heart surgery. Goodness I remember it like it was just yesterday! I was so terrified, probably more than I have ever been in my entire life. Me and SO many of you cried out to God for healing and the safety of our sweet girl, and that the surgeon's hands would be steady and guided by Him! And her surgery went so well, so AMAZINGLY well, that she was released just 3 days after her surgery. THREE DAYS! (anyone seeing any parallels here? :0) )
Scarlette was 17 lbs 1 oz the day before her surgery. Today she is approximately 21 lbs! That's a gain of 4 lbs in 5 months! She is sitting on her own very easily, although she doesn't know how to get down from sitting other than falling so she can't be left alone while sitting. She is working on kneeling with her physical therapist now, and she has made large strides in occupational therapy as well. She can grasp objects with ease now, hold two objects at one time, transfer objects and bring her hands to midline. NONE of this was being done prior to her heart surgery. She is babbling up a storm, and making tons of new sounds, but still no words!
Here is a picture of her heart surgery scar from yesterday, I think it's healing beautifully :0)
We are just so thankful that God has His hand on our sweet girl, and I am bursting with pride at the accomplishments she has made in the last 5 months! I can't wait to see what she will be doing when she turns 3!

Friday, January 6, 2012

59 days.....

Tomorrow is a big day for me, Savannah will be 59 days old!

It may seem silly to a normal person, but 59 days has special significance to me! Scarlette was 59 days when she was released from the NICU. We got to bring home our first baby girl on Nov 6, 2009, 59 days after she was born. It was so amazing, no machines (except oxygen and her NG tube), no more obnoxious alarms, no nurses, no doctors, just us and our sweet little girl. She was so wonderful, she was so quiet and calm, she was so content to just be with us. She adapted to home life pretty quickly, and although it wasn't very long before her first surgery and another hospital stay (Nov. 26, 2009), it was just wonderful to adapt to some sort of "normal".

That brings me to Savannah. These last 59 days have been amazing. I am in LOVE with my sweet girl. I feel so incredibly blessed that she was born healthy and I got to take her home just 24 hours after she was born. I am proud to say that I haven't taken these days for granted. NOT having Scarlette home with me the first time made me realize how important it is to just be with and take care of my newborn at home. Savvy and I are rarely separated (thanks in LARGE part to my Moby wrap) and I have been so happy just bonding with her!

It does make me kind of sad to think I missed out on that much time with Scarlette, not having her home for 2 months, but I'm so glad she has taught me not to ignore the small things, and to celebrate every accomplishment, big or small!

Here's a picture of Scarlette the day we brought her home from the hospital:
And here's Savvy today!

And here's Scarlette today!