Saturday, December 15, 2012

Just a little update on the girls....

Scarlette is now 3 1/4 years old holy moly! I just can't even believe it! In the last six months or so my baby has made HUGE strides in her gross motor development. She can now sit unassisted for hours at a time, she still topples over but it's become more controlled, and although she doesn't bear weight through her arm she does put it down as if to support her weight when she's about to fall. She has been standing at our coffee table for a little over a month now, she needs supervision for this at ALL times because she WILL fall when she loses her balance. We are working on teaching her how to bend her knees when she wants to get down, as for the most part she will keep them locked if unguided. She can stand for a few minutes at a time and very much seems to enjoy it! We have also been helping get her into a hands and knees position, and unbelievably just in the last week she has become strong enough to maintain this position on her own for a few seconds!!! She isn't yet strong enough to hold her head up in this position, but we are going to keep practicing! Pray for my sweet one! Pray that she gets stronger and stronger every day, and with practice and help we can get her walking soon!

My Savvy turned 13 months a week ago, and that was almost as hard as when she turned one. Her capabilities are fascinating, I keep thinking: "She's SO smart" but I know every parent thinks that! Savvy learned a few new "tricks" since she turned one. She has learned how to blow kisses, say: "woof woof", "woah", "co-co", "num-num (nurse-nurse)" and "uh-oh". She has learned the signs for more and milk and will now sign all done, more and milk unprompted as a means of communication! She understands what they mean! She has started standing on her own, and loves walking holding our hands or her push toy, but still does not want to take any steps on her own. She is so good about playing with her toys and she LOVES to share. She will give you anything and everything she has just because she wants to give it to you. The only thing she won't give away willingly is her binky, unless you tell her it's time to "nurse-nurse" then she will take it out of her mouth and try to put it in whoever's mouth is closest to her for safe keeping. She has cut another tooth, making her total 9 teeth, and she weighs 20 lbs 13 oz at her last appt.


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