Monday, January 17, 2011

In our new home!

Tons of news in the last 17 days!

First, baby! Scarlette has been doing okay, we have had some major digestive issues and have been to numerous appointments. We think that she probably had a hard time adjusting to the drastically increased caloric content of her formula, and that is what was causing her problems. The very worst of it was when we had to take her to the hospital to get fluids for dehydration and they were talking about admitting her to monitor her for a few days. This was on the day the packers had come to pack up all of our stuff! Luckily, Mitch was able to stay with the packers while I took her to the hospital and we were able to convince them that we did NOT need to be admitted for the night! They did a bunch of tests and they gave her a bag of fluids via IV and we ended up getting home around 7 p.m. Scarlette did great the next 24 hours and even had gained a lb when we went in for check-up the next day!

The movers came and brought everything to the new house last Wednesday. Then began the LONG process of unpacking, unpacking, unpacking!!!!! We had a TON of issues with getting our cable/internet hooked up but finally Friday night we had it all sorted out. I have been unpacking like crazy these last few days and Scarlette's room, the laundry room, both bathrooms, the kitchen and the living room are all 90% done. I pretty much haven't touched our bedroom or the third bedroom yet!

Mitch has his Chief's test this coming Thursday so he isn't able to hang anything for me yet because all his time is taken up by studying. But as soon as he is done with that he can start on his mile-long honey-do list :0)!

We find out Tuesday when Scarlette's next surgery is. They have to go in to repair two hernias that have formed in her groin area. Praying that it is a quick and much easier recovery than this last surgery. Will update as we know more!


The Skrove's

Saturday, January 1, 2011 we come!

Well we decided we would start this year off with a bang! In seven, yes SEVEN days we are moving into a new house! We are going to Helm Ct., about a 5 minute walk from where we live now, to reside in a brand spanking new remodeled 3 bedroom single-story home! The new houses have all hardwood floors, brand new cabinetry and appliances, and a fake granite countertop (my husband has informed me it's wood that looks like granite, go figure!). I cannot WAIT to be in my new house, but I am seriously dreading this move! I HATE moving! I have done it five times in the last six years and trust me, it gets old! I am elated at the fact that we have professional movers to do all the hard stuff, but the organizing, getting rid of and trying to find space for items is getting old! But that's what I will be doing ALL week long!

Next weekend we will be painting Scarlette's new room and our room, which is all the time we have to pain before our furniture gets transferred on Monday. Anyone love to paint? Come on down!

Scarlette is doing very well. Along with getting ready to move we have 10 dr/therapy appts this week so we are going to be busy busy busy! We are meeting with pt/ot/speech x2, feeding therapist, pediatrician, audiologist (getting SJ's hearing aid) and the surgeon. All wonderful appointments, but they happened to ALL be during this next week of chaos!

Scarlette still doesn't want to eat very much of her formula by mouth, but her intake of baby food is gradually increasing, something we are all very excited about! She can spend about a minute on her tummy before getting upset, I think mainly due to pain, but also she hasn't practiced in a while and her muscles seem to be a weaker than they used to. Surgery is a pain!

She was weighed last night and is up 10 oz from last week, we are hoping she can gain a half pound every week until she catches up to a normal height/weight ration for her age. The more she weighs, the stronger she becomes and the more ability she will have to do things like sit, crawl and walk!

We are very excited about this upcoming year, lots of big changes for our family! From ours to yours: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

the Skrove's