Thursday, May 9, 2013

My baby is 18 months old today!

Oh this is just so bittersweet! I've been dreading this day, largely because it's just one more affirmation that my sweet little baby is transforming into a little girl right before our eyes! She's such a delight, and so much fun, that I just want to freeze her in time and keep her just the way she is forever!

We haven't yet had her 18 month appt but she's about 23 lbs and 30" tall. She wears a size 4 shoe, and has 14 of her 20 baby teeth! Her hair is getting much longer and curlier! The biggest new development with Savvy is over the past week she has started sleeping through the night completely and has weaned herself from nursing! She hasn't nursed in over 4 days so I would say she's done with her "num-num". :0)

Savvy has learned SO much recently! Her new words are: bow, walk, touchdown, pretty, ready, three (teee). She has a baby cinderella that she will bring to you if you ask her "where's your baby?" She rocks her, and pats her head. It's the SWEETEST thing! She is so affectionate, even with perfect strangers. We constantly have to watch her at the park because she will go up to random people and hug them, try to hold their hand or pet them (lol). She has recently started feeding herself with a spoon and also tries very hard to use a fork. She brings us books to "read" to her, but really she just wants to turn the pages super fast and look at all the pictures with you. She is the sweetest, most loving, most obstinate little girl that I have ever met, and I am SO glad God blessed me with her!

Happy half birthday my little Savannah Faythe, we are SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!