Friday, March 25, 2011

Some Pics from Kentucky!

A few pics of Ryder and Scarlette in Kentucky!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Morning Sickness, Airplane Rides and Kentucky!

Well the baby must have read my last post because it seems like the next day I started getting morning sickness with a vengeance. I need not go into gory detail but let me just say it leaves me pretty incapacitated! Luckily there is a magic pill, called Zofran. One little white pill in the morning and ALL the nausea and vomiting virtually disappears! Just hoping they will give it to me for the duration of my morning sickness! :0)

Yesterday, we headed to BWI to hop on an airplane and fly 600 miles west to see my best friend Nikki and her family. It was a very nice, very uneventful flight in the smallest plane I have EVER been in! ALL bags had to be gate-checked because there was NO overhead room LOL! The flight was pretty empty so we were fortunate to get to leave Scarlette in her carrier for the flight instead of on my lap! She was calm and quiet the entire hour and half flight!

We got here yesterday morning, and spent the day running errands and going to some fun consignment stores. I found some AWESOME purses to sell and got Scarlette the essentials for our week long stay. Today, we got to go to Cracker Barrell for lunch, and then took Nikki's 4 month old Newfoundland puppy (45 lbs already!) to the dog park. It was over 70 degrees and GORGEOUS!!!! There were at least 40 dogs there and it was packed! It's been really fun interacting with all the kids, Ryder is so incredibly sweet with Scarlette and Scarlette tolerates him (which is saying something! LOL). I taught Ryder to say Coco today (my nickname that Nikki's baby niece used to call me) and I was so excited. Hoping for more nice weather but they are saying it might rain tomorrow! Pics coming soon!


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Baby #2.....

....has so far not really made it's presence known. I am just over 4 weeks now so it's still very early, but so far other than a heightened sense of smell I haven't noticed anything different. No morning sickness, no dizziness, although I have been a lot more tired than usual. When I was pregnant with Scarlette I found out very early as well, and the morning sickness started around 5 weeks....I am HOPING it's not as bad with this one as it was with her!

Mitch is CONFIDENT this baby is a boy, he will only refer to it as him or he and calls it by the boy name we have picked out. I, on the other hand am not as confident, although I have been drawn to buying little baby boy outfits (although that might be b/c it's different than what I have been buying for two years!)!!!

Scarlette obviously has NO idea what's going on but we keep reminding her that she's going to be a big sister! We are very excited. She is currently sitting on my lap saying da da da da da over and over again! I am so proud of all of her progress in the last few months, she is doing so well and she is SO close to sitting on her own! We got to move her into her big girl carseat this weekend, we want to get her used to it before the new baby gets here and steals her carrier! :0)

Well that's all for now! My first OB appt is on March 23, the day after we get home from Kentucky! Which reminds me, only 10 more days until we leave eek!!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's the little things...

I feel like I only post when something HUGE this post is going to be about some exciting little things...maybe boring to most, but that made my day awesome!

1. Scarlette played in her jumperoo for 45 minutes today with her babysitter, Chris. She was SO happy to be in there and this is the first time since her surgery that she has been happy to be in her jumper! YAY!

2. We had a really fun mail day! A sweater dress that I have wanted for Scarlette for SO long came today, as well as a box of chocolates that I ordered from one of my friends who is a dove consultant (thanks Heather!)

3. I went to the grocery store today and got 2 weeks of food for next to nothing! Really good, healthy meals too!

4. Scarlette got a Sophie the Giraffe teether that squeaks and she LOVES it!

5. I took both the baby AND the dog for a walk today together, and they both did SO well!

6. I have 15 Coach purses coming in the mail in the next two weeks (to sell of course!)!!! Have I mentioned lately that I SERIOUSLY love my job!

7. I am 4 weeks pregnant as of today!

8. In two weeks I get to go to Kentucky with SJ to visit my best friend and her family. I haven't seen her since March of last year and I AM SO EXCITED!!!!

9. In a week we get Mitch's test results and find out whether he is board eligible (to make Chief). This one is more nervous than excited I think. LOL!

10. Scarlette has been talking up a STORM since she started saying da-da-da-da the other day! :0)

Here are some pics of my princess from the last few days, I take pics almost every day so I have lots!