Thursday, March 17, 2011

Morning Sickness, Airplane Rides and Kentucky!

Well the baby must have read my last post because it seems like the next day I started getting morning sickness with a vengeance. I need not go into gory detail but let me just say it leaves me pretty incapacitated! Luckily there is a magic pill, called Zofran. One little white pill in the morning and ALL the nausea and vomiting virtually disappears! Just hoping they will give it to me for the duration of my morning sickness! :0)

Yesterday, we headed to BWI to hop on an airplane and fly 600 miles west to see my best friend Nikki and her family. It was a very nice, very uneventful flight in the smallest plane I have EVER been in! ALL bags had to be gate-checked because there was NO overhead room LOL! The flight was pretty empty so we were fortunate to get to leave Scarlette in her carrier for the flight instead of on my lap! She was calm and quiet the entire hour and half flight!

We got here yesterday morning, and spent the day running errands and going to some fun consignment stores. I found some AWESOME purses to sell and got Scarlette the essentials for our week long stay. Today, we got to go to Cracker Barrell for lunch, and then took Nikki's 4 month old Newfoundland puppy (45 lbs already!) to the dog park. It was over 70 degrees and GORGEOUS!!!! There were at least 40 dogs there and it was packed! It's been really fun interacting with all the kids, Ryder is so incredibly sweet with Scarlette and Scarlette tolerates him (which is saying something! LOL). I taught Ryder to say Coco today (my nickname that Nikki's baby niece used to call me) and I was so excited. Hoping for more nice weather but they are saying it might rain tomorrow! Pics coming soon!


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