Monday, April 2, 2012

California Dreamin'

We went home for my sisters wedding the last week of March. The second we got on the 405 freeway (after a pit stop at In n Out of course) I turned to my husband and said: "this will always be home. It doesn't matter where we live, where we go, but the second I come back here, I'm home." This started a very emotional rollercoaster of a vacation. In the back of my mind, I knew we would be leaving in just a week. Mitch is up for orders this year, we actually start putting in requests in a week. He has made it very clear that it would be next to impossible to get California orders due to Navy budget cuts. But that's where my family is, that's where my home is, that's where my heart is. Coming back to DC was really hard. I knew I would be back very soon for my cousin's wedding, which made it easier, but I just felt like I didn't "get my fill." There is a SLIGHT chance we could get orders to San Diego. I wish I could earn it, fight for it, MAKE it happen. But in this instance, I have to just pray that God wants us in San Diego and will open doors for us. You know that saying, "let go and let God"? Well in this case I don't really have a choice. There is absolutely NOTHING, not ONE thing that I can do to get us to San Diego. So this is a great lesson in putting my faith in His plan for me. I also know that I need to be content wherever we end up, because that's where He wants my family, and ultimately for whatever reason will be better for my family. I WILL be content wherever He moves us, but pray with me that God wants us back in San Diego, because that's where I want to be!

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