Saturday, September 25, 2010

A little update

Wanted to let everyone know now that we know for sure! I am positive many of you keep up with us on Facebook but there are some people who don't so I wanted to make a post about our upcoming surgery and other medical issues we have just been faced with.
First, we have been getting Scarlette's hearing tested since she was a few months old and it has never tested completely normally in the right ear. Each time there was always something that happened that voided the test, too much movement, fluid in the ear etc. This time she had a perfectly routine test and still it came back abnormal. They are calling it moderate hearing loss in the right ear and so far she has normal hearing in her left ear. They are recommending a hearing aid to help with speech development and learning. We should be getting that fitted in about a month.

Later that week she went back for a follow-up with her GI doctor, and when weighed she hadn't gained an ounce from the previous visit. Because it had been a month with no weight gain after surgery (she lost about a pound during her hospital stay after the surgery), the GI doctor strongly suggested that she be given a feeding tube, so they can boost her calories to a very high amount. At this point she could not physically consume the amount of liquid needed to achieve the caloric intake goal they are suggesting. Which is why she will need the feeding tube. We met with the surgeon the following day and the surgery is set for November 1.
We have a few tests that are required prior to the surgery, which will all be done before our trip to California, and then we come back, do her pre-op appointment and surgery will be the following week. October is an extremely busy month, we have our friends' wedding on October 10, Scarlette and I will be visiting California Oct. 12-23, and then the CHERUBS angel ball in North Carolina during Halloween weekend. Then surgery that monday, November 1. Please keep Scarlette in your prayers, and a special prayer request is that she can gain a pound this month, because if she does, they may postpone the surgery again!

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