Friday, April 22, 2011

A small accomplishment...

Yesterday we got a call from Scarlette's urologist. Scarlette recently had a VCUG performed, and the test is done to track whether or not her kidney reflux has gone away, stayed the same or gotten worse. The news was great! Her kidney reflux has almost completely resolved, so much so that we get to discontinue her antibiotics that she has been taking since birth! AND we no longer have to see Dr. Cartwright. This is her first specialist that has officially discharged her, and it felt like a small victory to us! She is down to just one oral medication daily, and even that is being weaned off by growth (dose stays the same as she gets bigger). For as many medical problems that she has faced, she is relatively healthy and for that we are SO grateful!

We also met with ENT last week because one of Scarlette's ear tubes had fallen out and because she made it through the winter with virtually no protection and still had no ear infections, they are not going to have to insert a new one! She gets to be tube free in that ear until something indicates that she may need one again. Hopefully not! :0)

I am almost 12 weeks pregnant now with baby #2 and my morning sickness, although still there, is moderately controlled by the Zofran. Scarlette and I got to see the baby last week for the first time and the doctor said that it has a very strong heartbeat and is measuring a week big! It's hard to believe I am almost out of the first trimester already, with Scarlette the first half of the pregnancy went by SO slowly but this one is going TOO fast!

Scarlette is going to be 20 months in approximately 2 1/2 weeks and I just can't even get my mind around that. I know partly it's because she doesn't act like a 20 month old but it's also partly because I just can't believe she's been here that long! Life is literally flying by! Some new milestones of Scarlette's are: reaching up for toys, taking them out of our hands and looking at them/exploring them, sitting unassisted for 30 seconds or more, and sitting with minimal assistance from the Boppy pillow for minutes at a time, saying Dada and a few other words (which DO NOT include Mama :0( ) and grasping toys with both hands. We saw her physical therapist at the hospital who hadn't seen her in approx. six months and she was absolutely FLOORED with her progress. She actually couldn't believe how well SJ was doing!

Other exciting news in our little world is that my cousin Amanda is pregnant with their first baby and it's a (90% sure) GIRL! She is having her baby shower next weekend and I am so glad to be able to go and see her and celebrate the arrival of her and Carl's first baby! She is due in July!

We find out the sex of our little peanut the first week in June which means we have about six weeks left to wait and it seems way too long! But it's definitely worth it!

This weekend we have lots of fun plans to celebrate Easter, and we are so excited because last year we didn't get to do anything! Tonight, we are going to dye easter eggs, tomorrow we have an easter egg hunt/potluck with some work friends and Sunday we are doing a big Easter dinner/egg hunt with all of our neighbors! And the best part is: nothing is happening at my house!!!!! ;0) I get to make lots of yummy goodies all weekend and I am looking forward to dressing Scarlette in some cute Easter outfits!

Have a happy Easter everyone!!!!

Love, the Skrove's

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  1. That's such a wonderful update on Scarlette! I'm so glad to hear she's doing so well. Glad also to hear things are going well with baby #2 too! Happy Easter! I hope you have a lovely weekend.