Sunday, August 18, 2013

2 year Heart-a-versary!

Two years ago today Scarlette had her most pivotal surgery, her open heart surgery. To some it may seem silly but today is a very special day to me! Two years ago today was a turning point in Scarlette's health, in her life! Scarlette was only 17 pounds when she had her heart surgery. The cardiologist followed her for two years, hoping that she would grow and get bigger. Stronger. Because a bigger stronger child does better in heart surgery. But Scarlette couldn't grow. Because of the whole in her heart, her atrioseptal defect, her heart was working overtime just to pump enough blood to all of her organs and extremities. She was burning more calories than she could possibly consume. So with some trepidation they scheduled her heart surgery. She was 23 months and 17 lbs...not even on the growth chart, but they had no choice. The surgery went perfectly, as perfectly as surgery can go. It was quicker than expected, and there were a few hiccups while in ICU but she was moved to the Heart and Kidney unit the day after surgery and on Sunday morning, just THREE days after her surgery, we went home. The doctors told us to anticipate being at the hospital for a week at least, maybe more due to how fragile she was. I have never seen her bounce back so fast from a surgery before. This was clearly the work of God. Now, 2 years later she is SO much stronger, SO much healthier! She's not petite any more! She's a healthy chunky rolly little thing! 30 lbs and 35". Still small for an almost 4 year old, but barely! After her surgery she started sitting up with much more balance, she started tolerating bearing weight through her legs and arms and hands. She tolerated being put in the gait trainer and stander. She allowed us to help her stand on her feet. She has gotten so much stronger and if it wasn't for her heart surgery I don't know where she would be today.

I thank God for modern medicine. I thank God for the men and women who find their calling in physical healing. Surgeons, cardiologists, nurses, therapists, technicians. People who are passionate about healing people. People who are passionate about science and understanding how the body works (and doesn't work). Prayer is powerful and wonderful and miraculous. But sometimes God can answer prayers in a conventional way and it still be wonderful and miraculous! I have witnessed so many miracles through Scarlette and I'm blessed to know I'm going to witness many more. God has poured favor over our lives by allowing us to care for this tiny human and even when it's hard and I feel like a failure I try to stop and remember how much God loves us, and how often He has showed us that He is watching over Scarlette and the rest of us.

So happy 2nd Heart-a-versary baby girl, and I pray for many many more!

If any of you want to reminisce about that day like I did, here's the link to the blog post from that day!

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