Monday, August 9, 2010

11 months old today!

Wow, time just flies right on by! Scarlette is now officially 11 months old. This is so bittersweet for me! On the one hand, she has come so far and made it through so much, I am just in awe of her and bursting with pride. But then I look at other 11 month olds and what they can do and how they are interacting, and I just feel so sad that Scarlette is struggling and so behind. I know that she will someday be able to do those things, I have been told by her therapists that they see no reason for her not to be able to achieve all the milestones that any other kid can reach, but it's hard to see your baby struggling, and on a completely different developmental level than other children her age.

Regardless, she is doing fantastic for her! Today was her best PT session that she has had to date. She held something in both hands (a first), and held one item for over 3 minutes (another first). Ironically enough, the only thing that she would grasp and hold were Daddy's NERF darts he got for his, yes she is definitely a daddy's girl!

Due to her new medications and fantastic new dermatologist she is significantly less itchy, and her therapists are confident this will increase her speed in her development because she is not so focused on scratching and can now focus more on play and learning!

In other news, it was Mitch's 27th birthday on Saturday. Scarlette and I bought him some NERF guns and darts (as previously mentioned) and some new games for the XBOX 360 and the Wii. The three of us went to dinner at Morton's Steakhouse to celebrate. Amazing food but a once in a lifetime treat as they are quite expensive! That's all for now, going to post some pics taken over this weekend!

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  1. I have been praying for a way to say exactly what I have been thinking so I goodbye comes across with the pure love I wish to send you way!! Scarlette is amazing and while she can not sit, and she can not walk and will not soon, although I believe with all my heart she will she is amazing. I look back and remember the same feeling you are having and I can't tell you that the worry and that the dissappointed feeling are only taking away from your life and taking away the joy that God has given you. The Devil is quick to spot where we are weak and he knows as mothers our children are "the spot" but I can promise you that God is blessing SJ in so many ways and that she will always be a Daddys girl in this life and the next!!!!