Monday, November 29, 2010

Surgery postponed....

We arrived at the hospital at six a.m. and checked in for surgery. Met with the surgical resident and she checked Scarlette's lungs and looked at her belly and answered some questions for me and told us they were bringing us down shortly. Then we changed Scarlette into her hospital gown and waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. A little bit after eight Mitch went to check with the front desk as to what the hold-up was. They told him our surgery was scheduled for 8:30 and that they should be escorting us down to the O.R. soon. So I read some books to a cranky, hungry Scarlette and Mitch and I played a rudimentary version of Jenga to pass the time.

A little after 9 a.m. Dr. Safford, the surgeon, came into the room. The thoughts immediately playing across my mind were "oh no, this can't be good" and "they must have an emergent case and are pushing us back." He led us to a corner of the room to have a seat and told us that the anaesthesiologists waited until "go-time" to let Dr. S know they weren't comfortable with proceeding with the anaesthesia on Scarlette because of her pulmonary hypertension and heart problems. They didn't like how she reacted during her cleft palate repair and did not feel that Walter Reed was an adequate hospital for her to have the surgery at in case complications arose. Dr. Safford completely understood where they were coming from, but was very sympathetic to our irritation in only hearing this now, on the day of the surgery and after we had been waiting for 3+ hours.

Dr. S is planning on doing the surgery at Children's National Medical Center and will hopefully be able to schedule the surgery within the next week or two. Possibly as soon as Friday, and hopefully not, but it could be as late as the first of the year. We will hear from him tonight about a new date for the surgery.

We absolutely feel that this was the Lord's plan and all of your prayers played an instrumental part in this outcome! I don't want ANYONE in my daughter's O.R. that is not 100% comfortable being there. For some reason, God did not want Scarlette to have this surgery today, or with that anaesthesiologist, or in that hospital. But whatever the reason, He prevented it from happening and we will go forth at a bigger hospital with better equipment and more knowledgeable staff. We definitely consider this an answer to prayer so please know how much we appreciate all the prayers and support you all have shown us!

the Skrove's


  1. You are taking the right outlook on this! It was Gods plan to not have the surgery today and there is some reason it worked out this way. I will continue to keep all of you in my prayers.

  2. so glad you are feeling at peace with the decision! I'm so glad the docs were honest about how they felt.. this is a precious life in their hands!! I will continue to pray for you... I read Scarlette's background story and you have surely been through so much with your little girl.. I know CDH is very serious... she is a fighter! so glad to get to know her.. and I still wish she was at my hospital so I could take care of her!! :) With love, Beth D. from facebook/new and used gymbo.