Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sitting, Babbling and Kentucky!

Hello all,

Of course so much has transpired since I haven't blogged in over a month! I really need to get better about my blogging habits!

Scarlette has been battling a g-tube infection (very common for those who have just received their g-tubes) but we finally have a doctor who is helping us and she is now on a 14 day course of antibiotic to really knock out the infection and allow her g-tube to heal. It definitely looks better than a few weeks ago, but still not a "pretty" g-tube which we are hoping for soon!

One of the most exciting milestones to occur this last month is sitting!! Scarlette has been sitting with minimal assistance for 2-5 minutes during play periods or in front of her mirror! And last week, Mitch and Jill, her physical therapist, witnessed her sit for a FULL 30 seconds UNASSISTED before toppling over. Sounds easy, but try doing a handstand and then holding it for 30 seconds, THAT is how difficult sitting is for SJ!!! :0) We are SOOOOO excited about this new development, one step closer to crawling and eventually walking!

She also has developed another new technique, babbling! She has incorporated some consonant sounds ga, ya, da, goo into her speech! She constantly makes these noises now, ESPECIALLY when trying to get our attention. We firmly believe getting her hearing aid has been instrumental in her learning new sounds and are so grateful that her hearing loss was caught as early as it was!

Our new home is wonderful, we are ALMOST completely done with unpacking and hanging pictures on the walls, HOPEFULLY we will be done by March 1!

And lastly, I am so excited because in just 3 weeks we are going to Kentucky to visit Nikki and her family! Just Scarlette and I are going as Mitch has work, but we get to stay for an entire week! I am praying it won't be TOO cold there! I am so excited to see Nikki and Ryder but I am also excited to get to visit a new state that I have never been too! I am also ecstatic that our plane ride is only an hour and a half!!! Much better than the six hour plane ride to Cali!!!

Hopefully I will be updating again soon!

the Skrove's

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