Sunday, February 27, 2011

Baby Skrove #2

Well, we are very excited to announce we will have a new addition to our family in approximately 8 1/2 months! We had decided a few months ago that we wanted Scarlette to have a sibling that is close in age so that maybe a little good old fashioned sibling rivalry will fuel her learning AND we had always wanted 2 kids and close together so we decided now was the time to start trying! We prayed about it and as the months went by, and it didn't happen, we knew the Lord was waiting for just the RIGHT moment.

I prayed exceptionally hard in February though, because secretly I REALLY wanted a November 11 baby to complement my September 09 baby and my July 07 wedding anniversary. I know that may seem trivial, but I didn't want this date to be any less "special" than the others (not that it really could! :0) ). So I prayed that if the timing was right please let this be the month we conceive!

I do not like waiting as most of you know and I HATE not knowing things so 9 days before I was supposed to test, I tested and it was negative. I wasn't too disappointed, I mean, it was WAY too early to be testing but I just couldn't resist! Well 2 days later, I tested AGAIN! I know all of you who have TTC'ed have been there, and I also know a lot of you are shaking your head at me like I am crazy, it's ok, I already know that! Well THIS time the test had a SUPER faint test line, I could see it but barely! I was really good and only tested once more that day with a different brand and the exact same result. I tried not to get too excited, after all if it's THAT early then it might not stick and be a chemical pregnancy, but of course the excitement was starting to bubble up. When Mitch got home from work and I showed him the tests he said I was imagining it.....he was partly joking, but he took ALL my tests away from me until the next morning LOL!

The next morning I took another test that used blue dye and got the EXACT same result. I had heard pink dye tests show a little more clearly so Scarlette and I ran to walmart and got a pink dye test and a digital. Yes, I probably spent $50 on tests (WORTH IT!). So I got home to take the pink dye test and voila! very faint pink line! I showed Mitch a picture while he was at work and he told me I drew the line on it! So THEN I took the digital test! I wrapped it with a bow and put it on his nightstand. I figured out what my "estimated" due date would be, 11/8/11! This was February 23! I still wasn't technically supposed to test until March 1!!!!!

Those who know me know I am the WORST secret keeper when it comes to my OWN exciting news and this was no different! I swore UP and DOWN that we were going to keep this a secret for the first 12 weeks, ya THAT didn't happen LOL! I told my family on February 26 during the day and let FB friends know that night! I had told a few close friends prior to that but that was it!

So Scarlette's going to be a big sister! I am amazed and terrified at the same time. SJ doesn't do very well with kids right now, they freak her out and she LOVES having all the adult attention in the room. So I am going to make sure she has LOTS of playdates between now and then! I am also nervous that I won't love a new baby as much as Scarlette. She's my miracle and she has gone through so much and I don't know if I can provide the same undivided attention to a new baby when Scarlette will still have so many doctor/therapy appts. I know every parent goes through this fear, so I know I will figure it out! We are just so excited that the Lord has blessed us not once but twice!

Here's a pic of the proof, and a pic of my sweet little girl!
Love, the Skrove's
Mitch, Nicole, Baby Scarlette and Littlest Baby #2!

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