Thursday, May 19, 2011

Heart Surgery...

Today was our Children's appointment for both dental and cardio. We got interesting news at both. At dental, we were told that Scarlette has something called Enamel Hypoplasia on one of her teeth. This is NOT a cavity. This basically means that during tooth formation one of her teeth did not form the enamel that makes a tooth appear nice, white and smooth so it looks pitted with grooves in it and looks like tooth decay. Instead of extraction, the dentist wants to monitor her tooth for the next three months and then fill it in, much like a cavity, when the tooth comes in fully. We are relieved that she does not need to have it pulled and glad that so far it appears that it is just this one tooth.

After this, we went up to cardio. We had seen cardio at our military hospital in February and they had mentioned that surgery was imminent but not for a year or so. Scarlette's pediatric surgeon felt that this call should be made by the cardiac surgeon, rather than a doctor that has nothing to do with the surgery being performed. After we finally got the approval to go to Children's to see the cardiologist there, we finally got an appointment today! Yes, it took four months to get through all the red tape LOL! After speaking with the cardiologist there, who had a copy of her most recent ultrasounds and EKG's, she said there was absolutely no reason for us to wait any longer, and that Scarlette should be getting the surgery sooner rather than later. She did say that her growth has been great and that we can go on our vacation in July as planned. So for now Scarlette's heart surgery has been scheduled for early August. We will be in the hospital for a minimum of a week. They do have to do it open instead of laparoscopic which is scary but I know she is in the Lord's hands! We will need lots of prayer warriors during that time!!!! <3


the Skrove's


  1. I am sending all my Best Wishes your way !!!!! Thank God they don't have to touch the tooth yet .... & hopefully her adult tooth will be better off !!! As far as her heart surgery ... I do believe we will have to plan a camping trip up there during that time & come pay Miss Scarlette a visit !!!! If there is anything we can do Please let me know !!! I am soooo glad you are getting to take your vacation in July !!!

  2. That's such good news! Hopefully we will be seeing you in July. And I've definitely been praying for you guys and your beautiful daughter (and peanut!).

    Much love, Sadie