Tuesday, September 6, 2011


This weekend started off with a bang.....LITERALLY! A semi-truck smashed the side of our Corolla as Mitch was driving to the gas station to fill up our propane tank. The car ended up getting stuck underneath the semi! Three hors later, Mitch was able to drive the car home, fenderless, and with major cosmetic damage. We were able to get a rental car today, and they are estimating the car to be fixed by next Tuesday. The jury is still out on how much total the damage will be, but thankfully Mitch was 100% NOT AT FAULT, so the truck driver's insurance will be picking up the tab!

Our friends from New Hampshire were driving down to spend the weekend with us, and arrived around 4 a.m. on Saturday morning. They have 3 boys, but only brought their youngest son, Sammy, with them. He is just 4 days older than Scarlette! On Saturday, Megan and I went yardsaling and had a total blast! There were so many sales on base and we totally cleaned up. Then later that afternoon we went to a BBQ with our neighbors. I attempted cornhole (and I totally SUCK!) and we ate a ton of food. We played Scrabble that night and the boys totally beat Megan and I (even though we had much better words).

Sunday, we wanted to take them to do fun touristy things, even though it was super hot. We parked near the White House and walked over to the American History museum. We spent a couple hours there, and then walked over to the Washington Monument. They also got to see the White House, but Scarlette and I sat on a bench because touring DC at 30 weeks pregnant takes a lot out of you. We came home and I made dinner, and then at around 7 we left to go back to see the monuments at night. We went to the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Korean War Memorial and the brand new MLK Memorial. We had a great time and enjoyed the somewhat cooler weather.

Monday was Sammy's 2nd birthday and we had a special breakfast in his honor. Then the Barker's were off to New Hampshire and we had a somewhat lazy day of cleaning and vegging. We closed out the weekend with a BBQ at our friends' the McFarland's house and met some awesome new friends. It was a wonderful weekend with lots of food, fun and friends!

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