Friday, September 9, 2011

My baby girl big girl is TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe my sweet little girl turns 2 today! So many mixed feelings when I woke up! Obviously, Scarlette doesn't act like a typical two year old in a lot of ways, so some things haven't really changed. But looking back on her pictures from when she was in the NICU, and from her first year, I realized how many things she has learned to do in the last year!

Just a few......

1. Sit unassisted for at least a couple minutes!
2. Say dada
3. Clap
4. Giggle uncontrollably
5. Roll over both ways and easily!

Some other major events that have happened to her in the last year.....

1. She got g-tube/fundoplication surgery
2. She got her first hearing aid
3. She had open heart surgery
4. She got to go to Kentucky for the first time and California for the 3rd and 4th times!
5. She got to go to Disneyland 3x but sadly does not share mommy's love yet!

Today was so lovely, after Mitch got home I ran to the store and got a watermelon for her "cake" and some balloons since she loves balloons. We put a candle in the watermelon and sang Happy Birthday! Then she got to open BEAUTIFUL presents! She really likes her Dance Dance Mickey, although at first she was a little hesitant! We are going to dinner tonight at TGIF's. Even though Scarlette can't eat like we can we want to celebrate her beautiful amazing life, and the fact that we get to share it with her. I love you sweet beautiful princess, MUAH!

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  1. Happy Birthday Scarlett! Love, Your Family at DC Metro Curch & DC Sisterhood