Thursday, November 12, 2009

Scarlette is 2 months old!

Hey everyone,

Well Miss Scarlette was released from the intensive care unit last Saturday, and is doing great! She is adjusting nicely, and aside from a little bit of stomach upset and wet diapers, she never cries! She is a total primadonna and we are loving every second of it! Recently she has learned to put her hands on her face (and pull on her oxygen tube), put her fingers in her mouth, and purse her lips. She is smiling now, but usually only when she is about to fall asleep and when she has gas!

We had her first pediatric appointment on Tuesday and we are so blessed with a wonderful pediatrician. Our doctor took the time to fully review her case and respected my input. We discussed her hernia and both decided that her repair should be done sooner rather than later! We have our consult with the pediatric surgeon tomorrow and he is looking to do the repair in the next couple of weeks! The pediatrician said she had never seen a baby go home before a repair (a miracle we all prayed for!) but that usually babies only need oxygen for a month after their repair in the NICU! Which means she could be off oxygen before Christmas! Hallelujah, no more cords!

We have a home nurse who visits twice a week to make sure we are caring for Scarlette adequately and so far we are passing, LOL! The other night we almost had a crisis when the tube that goes down Scarlette's nose into her stomach snapped and started leaking. I had learned how to insert the tube but had only done it once so I was quite nervous but with Mom's help (ie: pass me the scissors, pass me the tube, pass me the tape!) I was able to get it into her stomach! I have to admit I was pretty proud, it is not the easiest thing in the world.

Scarlette got her first bath at home last night and didn't love it, but she loved her baby massage with lavender lotion that followed. We will update as soon as we know the date of her hernia repair! Other than about 10 other follow-up appointments with specialists, nothing else is scheduled for right now! We are so glad to have Scarlette home with us and we love watching her grow and learn and become healthier by the hour!

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