Friday, October 30, 2009

Update from the NICU-Day 51

Hey everyone~

Quick update on Scarlette, she did very well yesterday and last night. They took abdominal x-rays which showed no blockage or twisting of her intestines so that was very good news. Her breathing is still very accelerated so for now they will only tube feed her, no feeding by mouth yet. They are still waiting on cultures to make sure she doesn't have a urinary tract infection or the flu. They said its possible that she aspirated some milk into her lungs and that could have caused a mild virus or pneumonia. As long as they don't find any of these things she could be home as soon as tomorrow or Sunday. She's very happy despite everything going on around her and has been awake, alert and calm for most of the time that I have been there. My mom flew out yesterday so that has been a very big help. Prayers continue to be appreciated and we will let you all know if anything changes!

the Skrove's

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