Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Scarlette WAS home....

Well, tonight I was planning on posting a blog about Scarlette coming home yesterday, but instead I have to post about how she came home and was readmitted to the NICU. Yesterday was a great day, we went to the NICU around 10 a.m. and got Scarlette all packed up in her carseat and filled out a ton of paperwork. By 1 p.m. we had her in the car and were on our way home. She was asleep when we got home, and slept for about 5 hours which is a lot for her but we attributed it to the big day she had. She wasn't doing very well with her feeds, but again, we were trying to give her some time to adjust. During the night she woke up twice, but wasn't interested in her bottle at all. Then this morning she was breathing very heavily and her respiratory rate was significantly increased so we upped the flow of her oxygen. This did seem to help. She still wasn't interested in eating and I was starting to monitor her closely because I was starting to worry. When I unswaddled her for her 3 p.m. diaper change her hands were so pale white they almost looked gray. I immediately called the NICU and they said to monitor her for an hour and to go to the ER if her breathing didn't slow down and she didn't "pink up". Well she started to look better so I decided to go ahead with her feed, but when I checked her feeding tube she had a greenish liquid come out and they had told me previously that is a sign of infection so Mitch came home from work and we went straight to the ER.

After consulting with Georgetown the doctor at the ER thought it was best that she be re-admitted for observation. The transport team from Georgetown arrived about an hour later and took Scarlette and I in the ambulance, with lights and sirens. That was a new experience!

Scarlette is now back in the NICU and they did an abdominal x-ray which showed that her intestines are creeping up into the hole that her diaphragmatic hernia caused. Because of this, they are going to consult with the pediatric surgeon tomorrow and may end up doing the diaphragmatic hernia surgery in the next couple of days. If they decide not to do the surgery Scarlette should be back home Friday or Saturday. We will post again as soon as we know anything. Please pray for her, she really needs it now.

Love, The Skrove's


  1. I love you guys and I know this can only be more painful than I imagine!! I am here for you as much or as little as you need! Be strong for God is with you and this is all part of his plan!! Come and vent, cry whatever if you need to!! Mitch can come kill people that seems to help the males of our species!!

  2. Hi Nicole/Mitch,
    I continue to pray for you both and baby Scarlette. I realize these are tough times, however know that this will not only strengten you but also reminds everyone of your unconditional faith. The love and tender care you share with your precious child is going to carry her through. I love you guys so much and please know that though Uncle Jesse and I are far away, your family is always in our hearts and prayers.
    Auntie Maribel

  3. My prayers continue for your wonderful little family and especially for you and Mitch, who are the most loving parents little Scarlette could have. Sandy