Monday, October 19, 2009

Hello all,

These probably won't be so frequent as time goes on, but we got a bit of good news today and I just thought that I would share! We are now officially in the discharge process! They are getting ready to send Miss Scarlette out into the world! First, Mitch and I must prove our worthiness: we have CPR training on Thursday, monitor and oxygen equipment training and I have to demonstrate my ability to insert her NG tube. Who knew having a baby would be so much schooling? But it is definitely worth it!

Scarlette went down to 0.5 liters of flow today, but is now at 100% oxygen, only because when they send us home there is no regulator on the O2 machine so they only have 100% available and they want her to be used to it. She does not need that much, but it is all that is available. She is doing really well on it so far, and had a great physical therapy and speech therapy session. Our speech therapist, Shannan is great! And she has been monitoring and teaching us how to feed Scarlette with the special bottle since she was born. Jen is our physical/occupational therapist and she works with her 3 times a week just to make sure she is progressing physically and developmentally. Jen said today's session was the best Scarlette has ever had! This is great news! Keep praying, Scarlette may be home with us as soon as late next week! She will be 7 weeks old, and I will be very happy to hit her 2 month mark here at home!

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