Sunday, October 18, 2009

Finally starting our Blog! Day 40 in the NICU

Tomorrow starts our 40th day in the NICU and I am just now starting this blog. I know, I know, bad mommy! Well, I have had more important things on my mind! Scarlette was dropped down from 2 liters of hi flow oxygen to 1 liter on Thursday. This is basically pressure that opens up her impacted lung and lets in the room air that she is already breathing unassisted. Unfortunately this caused her to become very tired and she refused to take much of her bottle feedings. We gave her a day to adjust, but Friday evening there had been no progression in her breathing and she was still tiring very easily so Saturday morning she was bumped back up to 1.5 liters. This must have been the magic number because she took half a bottle from me at the 12 p.m. feed and 3/4 of her bottle from Mitch at the 6 p.m. feed. For her this is very, very good!

On Sunday they decided that Scarlette can attempt to bottle feed whenever she is awake now instead of only every other feed. This is definite progress! I also learned how to insert her NG tube, which is how she gets the rest of her milk when she is too tired to take it by bottle. They originally wanted her to take all feeds by mouth before sending her home but because her lung will take a long time to grow and she seems to be progressing, but at a slow rate they will allow us to take her home with the tube provided that we try all feedings by mouth and then use the tube. This means she should be able to come home in the next few weeks! Praise God! Hopefully we will get her eating in no time!

On Wednesday we will meet with Dr. Baker, the plastic surgeon who will most likely be repairing Scarlette's cleft palate. We should find out approximately when he will do it during this consult. We cannot wait!
Our little princess is so cute and so full of energy now! She stays awake much longer and is very feisty! Also, many of the nurses have commented how she has more hair than any baby they have ever seen and everyone gets a kick out of the fact that it is always sticking straight up as you can see in the first picture! I will post more soon, thanks to all who are praying and all who are keeping up with us, hopefully this blog will make it much easier!

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