Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Met with the anaesthesiologist today...

First of all, my mom flew in for the week, yay! Scarlette is so excited to see her G.J. and spend time with her before the surgery! She will be here until Sunday which also means she will be here to help me host my Scentsy party, woohoo!!!
Ok so met with anaesthesiology today and all I have to say is UGH! This is so frustrating and drawn out and I wish people had better communication! Ok, vent over. They are taking extra precautions with Scarlette which is AWESOME but they are trying to figure out if she needs a regular or cardiac (specializes in heart problems during sedation) anaesthesiologist (I am REALLY sick of typing this word LOL!) So in order to determine this they have decide she needs a heart echo ultrasound TOMORROW! Hopefully the referral went through today as they put it in for STAT and we will get everything done we need to tomorrow. Otherwise, they will postpone the surgery again! :0( Pray that labs and heart appt goes smoothly tomorrow. This mommy is ready to tear out her hair!

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