Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Scarlette's Surgery Day 4 and 5

This will be rather brief, as there isn't much to remark on. Yesterday, (Monday) Scarlette was able to start taking pedialyte through her g-tube and tolerated it very well. She was cheerful for most of the day but was very clingy and did not want Mommy out of her sight for one second! Mitch took over last night around 7 p.m. and by 9 p.m. she was out for the night!

I came in around 9:30 this morning and Scarlette was in a very good mood! She opened some presents from her Cafemom Secret Santa (Mandy and Baby Logan) and we got lots of smiles from her big stuffed Minnie and her board books. She started 1/2 strength formula today on continuous feeds (meaning she gets them through her tube at a rate of 30 mL per hour) and in about two hours she will transition to full strength formula and bolus feeds (the entire feed will be given in an hour as opposed to over a longer period of time). As long as she tolerates all of this well, then we get to go home sometime tomorrow! They are hoping we can be discharged right after rounds in the morning, but usually paperwork takes much longer so it might not be until after noon that we actually get out of here! We are just very glad to be going home! Keep praying that she tolerates all of her feeds well so that she doesn't have to stay for a longer period of time!


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