Monday, August 22, 2011

OHS Day 5: Going HOME!

Sorry this is a little late, but things were quite hectic yesterday. I got to the hospital around 8 a.m. and Mitch and I had breakfast. Other than that, we basically just waited around until Scarlette's paperwork was done, and by 11 a.m. we were out the door! Scarlette screamed the entire way home, I think her carseat was not very comfortable, because she calmed down once we got her in the house. She does not like being held at all, so we are trying to move her as minimally as possible. Basically, she has to stay either in her bouncy seat or her crib as much as possible. We are definitely housebound for at least a week, but luckily Mitch took this week of so he and I can go run errands separately while the other takes care of SJ. Not much else to report. We go back in a week for a follow up appt, and then have to see her pediatrician and regular cardiologist for a check-up. After that we will have a little bit of downtime until we get ready for her adenoidectomy/ear tube placement. Girl definitely keeps us on our toes!

We are so incredibly grateful for those that sacrificed their time, blood, food and prayers for us. We really don't feel like we could have gotten through this surgery without each and every one of you! It felt like there was an army of people in that waiting room with us, and it was much easier because of that. Thank you so much for allowing my daughter to share a special place in all your hearts!

Love, the Skrove's

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