Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Prayers for Scarlette!

I have been trying to think of ways to pass the time while SJ is in her 4-6 hour surgery and I thought, what's a better way than to spend it in prayer with those you love? Well, obviously not everyone can be there, nor can I be online, and honestly, I'm not a strong enough pray-er to pray that long. BUT, I figured if I could READ everyone's prayers while she is having her surgery, I can glean strength and peace from knowing how many people are praying for her. Plus, as she gets older, I can show her just how incredibly loved she is and how many people have supported her through her journey. So I'm asking all of you to do me a BIG favor. In the next 36 hours, if you could write down a prayer for Scarlette's surgery and recovery and EMAIL it to me at nskrove@live.com, we would SO appreciate it! It can be short, long, from you, your family, your church, whatever! I want to go into this surgery fully prepared for battle, and I would LOVE to take all my prayer warriors with me! Mitch and I will be reading these prayers DURING surgery, so even though they are prayers prayed over the course of these next couple days, they will be re-prayed during surgery, how awesome is that?! I hope everyone can take just a couple minutes to do this, it would mean so much to SJ and us! :0)


  1. what an awesome idea! hate I missed it! I will be praying too though!!!

  2. Dear Lord, please watch over precious little scarlette. Guide the hands of the doctors and work through her little body. Surround her with your loving arms and keep her safe. Breathe peace into her family. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

  3. Lord, let your Spirit give the Skroves peace that surpasses understanding, a willing heart to accept your will knowing that you will be glorified, and strength as they go through these trials. Calm their minds from worry and surround them with your love. I ask that your hand be on Scarlette and on her doctors and nurses. That your presence be felt and that peace reign. In Jesus name I pray. Amen." Dani Denten's aunt. xoxoxo