Friday, August 26, 2011

Scarlette's Recovery Week 1

I haven't posted much since we have been home, but I consider that a good thing! Scarlette's recovery has just been amazing! We had a couple hard nights, but finally figured out it was the oxycodone that was causing her to wake up repeatedly, and since we had been weaning her off it, we decided just tylenol at night if she needed it. Last night she slept from 9:30 to 7 with NO wake-ups so Mitch and I were both very excited to get a full night's sleep.

Yesterday we took her in her carseat for a short drive to run an errand and to see if she would do better than she did that first day on the way home from the hospital. She didn't fuss or cry at all so I think that most of her pain is gone and now she just needs to work on healing (a slow process).

We cannot lift her up under her arms at all until late October. Doesn't sound hard, but it's proving more difficult than you think! Especially since Savannah is getting more and more in the way, by the day! That's her only restriction though, and although she's enjoying sitting a lot, she hasn't rolled over on her own yet. We are hoping that comes within the next week or so.

Monday is her surgery follow-up appointment, then a week later her cardiology follow-up. Other than that we have NO appointments on the books until later in September when we start the process for her adenoidectomy/ear tube placement. We are looking forward to a nice break!

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