Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Scarlette's Surgery Follow-up

Nothing but good news from all the surgery follow-up tests. Her x-rays looked clear, her bloodwork was perfect, her EKG was normal and her oxygen saturation levels were great! We get to decrease her Lasix from twice daily to once daily, and when we have her cardio f/u next week they will most likely take her off Lasix completely! Her chest tube stitch came out and they took all the steri strips off of her scar. I'm going to take a picture on Thursday of her scar (two-weeks post-op) and then once a month for the next year to see how much it fades! It's actually a beautiful scar (oxymoron I know!), it's very thin, very clean, and very straight so I'm hoping it can fade into virtually nothing before she's old enough to care!

We were invited to a picnic put on by Children's for heart surgery patients at the National Zoo next week so we are very excited to go! Scarlette is going to wear her new I survived <3 surgery shirt!

In other news I'm 30 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and I'm feeling it! Savannah seems so much bigger than Scarlette, and I'm just having an overall more difficult time this time around. I'm very glad I only have 2 1/2 months left! My biggest issue is heartburn, which there seem to be no remedies for (at least none that work!). Savannah is a squirmy little baby and I must say I really enjoy feeling her move all the time. She doesn't really "kick" a lot but she wiggles around CONSTANTLY! I can't wait to see her again, but I won't have another U/S for 5 more weeks! Seems forever away but I'm sure it will go fast! My next appt is at 32 weeks, and on Sept. 14

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